Lemongrass, Bulk Dried


1 ounce dried lemongrass leaves


Norfolk, CT


Grown, harvested, and dried in 2019


Cerified Organic by Baystate Certifiers


With its lemony scent and hint of rose aroma, lemongrass is an essential ingredient in Thai and Indonesian cooking. Lemongrass grows wild in Indonesia, Indochina, and tropical Australia, and has been cultivated in Southeast Asia and Sri Lanka as a culinary herb and in India as a beneficial herb for thousands of years. It was considered by Paracelsus to be his favorite and most revered herb.  


  • Instructions:

    These lemongrass leaves can be infused in hot water to make a nice herbal tea. You can also grind it into a powder to use as a substitute for fresh lemongrass in your favorite Thai dish.


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