Every day, nature puts on a show.

Meet the supporting cast.

David Low, Dominique Lahaussois & Pierre-Alexander Low


A few years ago, David, Dominique, and their son, Pierre-Alexander looked out over their 300-acre parcel of land in northern Connecticut and had an idea. To take a small part of it, just two acres, and turn it into a working, certified organic farm.

Seeing how much their huskies connected with the land, they wanted to make that connection permanent. So, on that day, Husky Meadows Farm was born. Now they’re expanding the farm to include Seed & Spoon, a weekend program designed to promote the healthy cooking and eating of sustainably produced food through hands-on experiences. Their love of and commitment to northern Connecticut extends beyond their farm to the local farming community, and to the Yale Summer School of Music, which also makes its home in Norfolk.

Tracy Hayhurst

Manager and Seed & Spoon Director

After graduating from Union College in NY, Tracy decided that feeding people was how she wanted to dedicate her time. She participated in the Western Mass Collaborative Alliance for Farmer Training (CRAFT) as an apprentice where she experienced food at its roots – its relationship to soil, seasonality, crop diversity and an understanding of the farming community.

Then she dove into the farm-centered culinary world at Ballymaloe Cookery School in Ireland. In 2002, Tracy co-founded Chubby Bunny Farm, a CSA that for 12 years served NYC, White Plains and Southern CT as well as her local community in Litchfield County. Tracy then became the Director of Community Outreach and Chef at a farm and community non-profit called Plantin Seeds. 

She currently manages the 2-acre market and CSA garden at Husky Meadows Farm and is developing Seed & Spoon, an immersive Culinary Farm Stay experience. Tracy is inspired by other farmers’ ingenuity and by chefs who can coax sublime flavors out of raw ingredients, inspiration that she brings to everything she does at Husky Meadows Farm. She lives in Falls Village with her two kids, two cats and a Border Collie. Not surprisingly, her kids know when a tomato is ripe and what Swiss chard is.

Steve Archaski

Head Baker and Prepared Foods Chef

It seems that Steve was destined to work at Husky Meadows Farm. When he was a young boy, Steve spent lots of time at his great uncle’s pig farm, which, as fate would have it, was just down the road.

Today, he owns that house and can walk to his job at Husky Meadows Farm. The farm owners got to know Steve through his cooking, having experienced his considerable culinary skills first-hand at numerous events, and are the first to cite him as the inspiration for their garden. It seemed only natural that he would eventually join the team. He is now working on rolling out a new line of prepared foods using the best in seasonal fare from the farm.

Adam Buggy


One of Adam’s fondest childhood memories was riding on a relative’s tractor and harvesting vegetables. His love of gardening, nature, plants and wildlife, and being outside in the natural world quickly defined who he is as a person.

Being true to himself, Adam works as both a Husky Meadows Farm crew member and on his own farm where he proudly produces pure maple syrup, raw honey, eggs and log-grown mushrooms. The experiences that are dearest to his heart are the smiles on the faces of those who enjoy the things he grows and produces. Adam graduated from the University of Hartford and is currently enrolled in the Cornell University Small Farms Program.

Jaime Konopka


Jaime took an interest in sustainable agriculture from a very young age, growing nightshades, garlic, greens, squash, and strawberries in raised beds on her parent’s property in Nepaug, CT. She also brings to Husky Meadows a passion for herbal medicine, an area she continues to study in her free time. Before pursuing a career in farming, Jaime worked as an estate gardener in the greater Berkshire area, as well as as production crew for a prominent horticultural company.

Jaime’s childhood experience in the northwest corner included much time flipping logs for salamanders, learning to identify bird calls, and even several years of volunteering at a local nature center. Her passion for nature in all its forms is evident and the dynamic ecosystem of the property surrounding the farm is an exciting part of coming to work everyday. She’s quick to identify critters we encounter in our fields, either by memory or through her master Google skills.

Jaime hopes to expand upon HMF’s herbal offerings through both cultivated and foraged wild materials, as well as research & implement IPM techniques to control crop pests while maintaining native biodiversity for years to come.

Careers at Husky Meadows Farm

We’re always looking for passionate people who’d like to be part of the sustainable farming movement here at Husky Meadows Farm. See if any of our opportunities are something you’d be interested in, then drop us a line.