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Immerse yourself in life on our small, regenerative farm and eat like a farmer.

Our Seed & Spoon Culinary Farm Stays offer guests the opportunity to experience life on an organic farm and the practices of a sustainable table. It’s an ideal weekend for those with a farm to table philosophy, take sustainability seriously, and want to take their knowledge and experience to the next level. Your host Tracy Hayhurst, farmer and chef, will guide you through our gardens and kitchen where you’ll experience firsthand the joys of working closely with nature to create an unforgettable weekend in the fields and around the table. 

We like to spend a little time getting to know you and your interests before you arrive so that your stay with us is as rich and fulfilling as possible. This is particularly important as we plan special guests to join us for engaging and insightful mealtime conversation. Below is a sample of experiences you might enjoy during a Seed & Spoon weekend.

Your Weekend at the Farm

Friday: Arrival and Welcome Dinner

After settling into your rooms, we’ll gather together for a welcome dinner where you’ll get to know us and get your first taste of what’s to come.

All our meals are inspired by the day's harvest and paired with wines, spirits and cocktails as well as curated non-alcoholic beverages.

Dinner table and after-dinner conversation can include a thoughtful introduction to sustainable farming and production methods, the intersection of food and culture, wine and food pairing – or simply social. We’ll work with you to customize the experience to suit your perfect stay.

Saturday: A Day Full of Explorations

Morning begins with a light breakfast. Then you’re invited to roll up your sleeves and immerse yourself in all that we do here at the farm. Working alongside the Husky Meadows Farm crew, you may find yourself watering produce in the hoop house, starting seedlings, tending the garden, or foraging for mushrooms.

We’ll join together for a hearty farmer’s lunch or we may have an impromptu picnic in the shade of the forest. 

In the afternoon we'll be in the kitchen for a special project such as a class in pastry techniques, pasta making or preserving.

Early evening we’ll gather again in the Cooking Barn to create a meal inspired by the day's adventures. We invite you to pitch in and help chop, stir, and taste, or you may choose to just follow along with the recipes.

Start Planning Your Farm Stay

Sunday: Make the Day Your Own

Choose to sleep in or enjoy an early morning hike. We’ll meet up for a delicious brunch. Enjoy the property throughout the rest of the day. Cap off your stay with U-pick in the garden, meander or bike the trails throughout our serene woods, read a book in the Sunroom, or take in historic landmarks in the quaint village of Norfolk.

We’re happy to arrange an extended stay so that you may enjoy cocktails and/or dinner with us on Sunday evening. Design your ideal experience and we’ll do our best to accommodate you. 

Seasonal Calendar

Below is a sampling of topics for each month. The seasons offer a wide range of ever-changing delights from the fields; each month brings something new to experience.

May The bursting forth of spring and tastes of the new season; we'll forage for wild edibles like ramps and nettles, learn about edible "weeds" and wild mushroom identification.

June Spring comes late to New England but at last we revel in sweet sugar snap peas, rhubarb, strawberries, tender greens and the very first summer squashes. June is also a fantastic time to witness all aspects of the farming process from seeding to harvesting. You'll get to plant your own seedlings to take home. And we'll give you lots of tips on how to create your own container garden.

July Harvests are in full swing and we start to cook with a wide array of produce. It is never too early to start preserving the harvest! Explore a variety of preservation techniques: lacto-fermentation, quick-pickling, dehydration, jam making. .

August Long summer days with so much to offer from the garden! Dive into heirloom tomato tastings, open fire cooking, sourdough pizza making in our wood-fired oven.

September Summer lingers with all the bounty of the late season as well as the first taste of the fall. Learn how to savor that bounty and flavor of the season through preservation and season extention growing techniques.

October We’re settling into the fall and starting to savor cold weather root crops and fruits from the orchard. Gather around the hearth and bake with us... everything from pies and pastries to sourdough and yeasted breads. And fall wouldn't be complete without heartwarming soups and stews.