Our farm has a rich and storied history.

And a team that's taking us into the future

Husky Meadows Farm is situated on 3 acres of fine sandy loam soil on a windy hill in Norfolk, CT. As is commonplace in New England agriculture, our land was formerly occupied by a dairy farm. The Low family first fell in love with the former Curtiss Farm as a home for their two huskies. Since then they have reimagined the land as the home of a diversified organic farm growing food for the local community. Their dedication to sustainable land stewardship goes beyond the farm and extends to our native wildflower meadows and woodlands. 

We are an organic-certified farm currently sustainably growing a wide variety of vegetables for our CSA customers, our farm stand and our kitchen.  We are motivated to go beyond meeting organic standards, and to continually improve our growing practices to become regenerative. Our methods focus on transitioning to no-till, closed-loop fertility, and intensive biological bed management for bountiful production as well as soil life. We trust that healthy soil will give us healthy food, healthy bodies, and a healthy local economy, as well as trusting that working with nature yields the best, most cost-effective results. 

In addition to our yearly produce, we continue to tend the antique fruit trees --  including a hundred-year-old pear --  planted by John Curtiss, as well as grow more varieties of stone fruit. Our new flock of 50 chickens provides us with eggs and all the soil fertility benefits from their grazing. Thanks to the forests surrounding our fields, we are also adding a log-grown mushroom operation to be able to provide a steady supply of mushrooms during CSA season. 

We are lucky to be able to approach farming with an attitude of creativity, play, and experimentation. We enact this in what we choose to grow, always keeping in mind the ways we make connections with each other over food, and the final destination -- our mouths. To extend that spirit to our customers, we feel like the CSA model works best. We want to give our customers the experience of eating their way through the season, and we thoughtfully compose boxes of produce for 15 weeks of growing and eating. Learn more about CSA here

The Seed & Spoon kitchen is closely tied to the farm, and is a way for us to invite others to explore the joy of food and farming with nature.