Our farm has a rich
and storied history.

And a team that’s taking us into the future.

If you were to visit Husky Meadows Farm many years ago, it would have looked a lot different. First of all, it wasn’t even Husky Meadows. It was called Curtis Farm. And instead of organic crops, Curtis Farm was producing milk, thanks to 26 cows that made their home here.

The person who was responsible for those cows, and everything else that happened on Curtis farm, was a man named John Curtis. He worked hard. First as a farmer, but also as a Norfolk selectman who cared about the community, and its people. In fact, if he knew you were coming over, he’d be sure to offer you an apple pie.

Today, in our small orchard of apple trees, John’s memory lives on. And, like Mr. Curtis, we work hard, too. We’re determined to make everything that Husky Meadows Farm produces, and everything you experience while you’re here, to be something that makes you happy. And us proud. Visit our Team page to see some of the people who are making that happen.

We can’t wait for you
to visit us here
at Husky Meadows.

But, in the meantime, here’s a sense of what you’ll see when you come.