Welcome to Summer Shares Members!

Welcome to Summer Shares Members!

Our first summer share is a beauty, in my humble opinion. Something for everyone with a nod to both the early season - lots of greens and to the full on summer harvest with our first zucchini. 

This week's share: Salad Greens, Frisee, Kale, Sugar Snap Peas, Zucchini, Garlic Scapes, Oregano and Basil 

Notes on this week's harvest:

Salad Greens - If, like some of us, you eat salad every day of the week we are happy to offer additional salad greens in our CSA member shop. So please check out your newsletter for the link!  

Frisee - We take good care that our lettuces are tender and sweet. Frisee is a different beast entirely. A member of the chicory family, it is supposed to have body and offer a bitter flavor. My favorite frisee dish is the classic French salad with some bacon lardons, nicely toasted croutons and perfectly poached egg. If you've been a CSA member for a while, I'm sure you've heard me wax poetic about this dish every season! Feel free to adapt with some lovely roast chicken or some chèvre. In coming week's I'm likely to eat this with some boiled potatoes or cherry tomatoes. 

Kale - So versatile I'm not sure you need any more ideas of what to do with kale... massaged salad, kale and garlic scape pesto? Wilted with olive oil, sea salt and lemon zest and juice? This humble vegetable can be your friend in so many ways.

Oregano - If you draw a blank at what to do with this zesty herb, why not make a brilliant chimichurri sauce with your scapes and basil? Destem the herbs and throw in a cuisinart with chopped scapes and olive oil, a little lime juice, sea salt and red chili flakes. Serve as a sauce over your favorite grilled meat or use as a marinade.


Zucchini and Pea Risotto with Basil and Chevre

Serves 2

This recipe was inspired by a dish I made this weekend loosely adapted from Venice: Four Seasons of Home Cooking by Russell Norman. That recipe was Zucchini, Mint and Goat Cheese Risotto but here I'm adding peas to make up for using only one zucchini and substituting basil for the mint. We are lucky to have Lost Ruby Chevre in our CSA add-ons shop but if you have a hunk of feta at home that works too. 

1 quart chicken stock

1 cup arborio rice

1/2 cup white wine such as Sauvingnon Blanc

1/4 cup garlic scapes, chopped 

1 zucchini, chopped into a medium dice

1 pint peas, destemmed

about 5 oz chevre

1 handful chopped basil

olive oil, sea salt, black pepper, zest of 1 lemon

In a small saucepan heat your stock. In a heavy duty pan heat your olive oil and add your chopped scapes. When scapes are fragrant add your rice and stir to coat in the olive oil. Lightly toast for a minute or two and add wine. Stir to coat all the rice with the wine. This should be absorbed rather quickly. Make sure your heat is on medium low. You want the rice to slowly absorb the stock a little add a time. When most of the wine is absorbed add a ladle full of stock. As each ladleful is absorbed, add another and stir. The stock should just cover the rice after each addition. After about 10 minutes add the zucchini all the while keep adding your stock. After another 5 minutes or so add the peas, chevre and most of the basil, reserving some for garnish. The stock by now should be just about all absorbed into the rice, the peas and zucchini cooked and the rice soft but not mushy. To serve spoon into pasta bowls and top with extra chevre, basil and lemon zest. 

This is a lovely dish as is or can be served along side a protein like grilled shrimp or chicken. We ate this topped with poached eggs and crispy bacon lardons. Serve with a simple salad and a glass of your favorite beverage. Enjoy!