Indian Summer Share

Indian Summer Share

This week's share:  Baby Arugula, Komatsuna, Turnips, Garlic, Carrots,

Butternut or Honey Nut Squash, Peppers, Parsley, Apples

There is a lot of versatility in this week's share for quick snacks, easy weekday suppers, or a more involved kitchen project. 

These turnips, carrots and peppers will go fast cut up and dipped in hummus. Apples with peanut butter hit the spot when hanger sneaks up on you. 

I can practically guarantee that this week I'l whip up a stir-fry with Komatsuna, garlic, carrots and turnips. A little freshly grated ginger, a splash of soy sauce and a side of rice. Very fast. If you need a little variation in your stir-fry make this sesame ginger dressing with a few tablespoons tahini, lemon juice, rice wine vinegar, a dash of soy and some red chili paste or flakes. If sesame is a flavor you are new too use peanut butter! Thin as needed with a little water. Serve with your favorite noodles - rice pad Thai, buckwheat soba or the plain ol' spaghetti you've got in your pantry. 

With the rainy weather coming you might be inclined to make a pot of this squash, carrot and apple soup.