Harvest CSA Week # 9

Harvest CSA Week # 9

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Summer squash


Welcome, August! The first week of the last full month of summer finds us pulling our early potatoes, as well as leeks and baby celery. The variety we decided to pull first was Peter Wilcox. A lovely purple-skinned potato with a vibrant golden flesh that offers a full bodied earthy flavor and provides a higher than normal antioxidant content. It can be enjoyed, fried, boiled, roasted, grilled, or chipped, as long as long you remember that it requires more cooking time than regular potatoes. With many nights dipping into the low-40s here in the Icebox, it seems reasonable to consider a potato-leek soup, garnished with rosemary. Or fire up the grill and throw our eggplant and squash into the mix while the warm days last. 

We've documented our season-long battle against the Colorado potato beetle a bit on our Instagram. Our newest crew member, Jaime, has taken much initiative in researching methods of controlling these pests - not to mention hours upon hours of hand-picking individual bugs and larvae off our plants. It's nice to reach the point in the season where we can feel like we won the fight and have been rewarded with a healthy crop!