Hakurei Turnips, Cooked and Raw

Hakurei Turnips, Cooked and Raw

This Friday's share: Salad Mix with spinach, Swiss chard, Turnips, Apples, Pears, Scallions, Soup Herb Mix, Microgreens.

There are a couple of great possibilities with this weeks share. If you still haven't played around with your turnips here are a few more suggestions.

Sauteed Turnips and Apples 

Melt about 2 tablespoons butter in a sauté pan. Quarter your turnips and add them to the pan. Slice about 2 apples and add them in too. Sometimes instead of chopping my herbs I simply add whole stems and this is particularly nice when you are kind of braising your veggies in butter. Fat is a wonderful conductor of flavor. Season with salt and pepper. You don't need to cook these tender turnips too long! Just until al dente and that way your apples should still be a little firm and not overly mushy. This is a delicious dish with pork chops or roasted chicken. 

Turnip and Pear Salad

I often make crunchy slaws with both fruit and root veggies. Apples, carrots and kohlrabi are a great combination. This is a kind of version of that but here I would very think slice the turnips and pears. Add some thinly sliced scallions. Make a dressing with about 2 teaspoons freshly grated ginger, fish or soy sauce, rice wine vinegar and some sesame oil. Top with sesame seeds if you have them. Top with micros! 

Turnip Greens with Chard

Don't throw away those turnip tops! They are great as a cooked green with a hint of mustard but not as strong as mustard greens or mature arugula. You can mix with any other greens you have on hand - Chard, Komatsuna, Spinach, Kale etc. you get the idea. Sautee up with onions, garlic, scallions and olive oil. Super simple.