A Day with Michelle at the Farm

A Day with Michelle at the Farm

Hi everyone,

This is Michelle. These summer days, every day starts out with me as a zombie, driving to Husky Meadows, wondering if I actually got out of bed or if I’m just dreaming that I’m driving to work. The name of the game this summer is also SUNSCREEN. I get to work, I put on sunscreen. Literally the sun tans me through my shirt.

We start the day with harvest, still in zombie mode. The cucumbers, zucchini and summer squash are prolific, so we pick those every day. And they’re such hiders... it’s like wading through a sea of cucumber vines and spiky squash plants. On harvest days, Wednesday and Friday, there’s obviously a lot more to harvest and the cooler gets so full of food, I just want to get rid of everything in there. After CSA when the cooler is relatively empty again, it feels good. :)

There’s a varied cast of characters at Husky Meadows. There’s always Tracy...and my coworker Adam, except for these past two weeks he’s been taking care of his baby. So we’ve had extra help this summer in the form of Tracy’s teen, ***Beatrice!!*** I love Beatrice. There was also Mark. I love Mark too. There’s also all the other people working on the property which add human variety. These are the only people I see in my life since Covid started (I’m not kidding), so it’s important that they present themselves.

When harvest gets done, we get started on field work! It turned out that a lot of the summer is WEEDING. Which is like, cool. It’s like the perfect activity to do while sweating under the sun. We seed new crops about one day every week too, which is a good activity to avoid the heat. I feel bad for the seedlings. They have to germinate in really hot weather.

I’ve been having nice feelings about lunch time. There’s some alarm thing in Norfolk that goes off at 12 pm every day, and that alerts us to lunch time. I like eating lunch, but it just feels extra nice now. I don’t know why. I guess I enjoy the company. And our black walnut tree that we eat under is nice.

There are a few things that we stress about regularly. Water is one of them. It’s dry out and when I look at the dirt baking under the sun I just cringe. But that’s summer… The tomatoes are a little stressy. There are some crops that you just leave to do their own thing, but tomatoes are not one of them. They are fussy. What else? The corn is growing, which is cool to see because I’ve never grown corn before. The flowers in the field are really pretty, and there’s an abundance of butterflies and bees now. When I walk I’m always looking down to make sure I don’t step on a bee in the clover. Oh and when harvesting squash too-- you must not disturb the bees in the squash flowers.
Summer’s hot, but winter’s worse. Whenever I think about that, (it’s already August!), I have renewed love for summer. Keep on sweating everyone!

Peace, love and summer,