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Whether it's produce. Or memories.

Husky Meadows Farm

Against a backdrop of the Berkshire mountains, vegetables are growing from tender seedlings to crisp, ripe produce. Apple trees will sprout fragrant blooms, and later on, grow heavy with plump, juicy fruit. The bees are busy pollinating our crops and making honey. We’re dedicated to working with the land to bring forth the most nutritious, delicious and highest quality food. We can’t for you to experience the farm and all its diversity with us!

Support your vibrant farming commmunity. Eat locally with one of our CSA shares.

Our CSA members enjoy organic produce every week at its freshest, eat healthy, and do their part to support sustainable farming.

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Harvest, chop, cook and taste your way through the weekend.

You’re invited to join in on the diverse farm activities happening throughout the weekend. Your time at Seed & Spoon may begin with you foraging and picking from an abundant field of organic vegetables. Or maybe picking apples from our orchard or gathering a basket of eggs. Soon you’ll transform the field fresh ingredients in our cooking classes into delectable dishes. The end of the day finds us around the table sharing the meal we’ve created together.

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At Husky Meadows our daily tasks awaken all of our senses, whether in the fields or the kitchen. There is also a spirit of camaraderie as we work together in the fields and of conviviality around our table. We invite you to join us and experience first hand the many facets of thoughtful, sustainable food production on our New England farm.

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Want to see what kale tastes like just after it's picked?

Happy People

Now, more than ever, it's important that we support local food sources.
We love every aspect of our membership at Husky Meadows Farm. We live for the season of fresh produce.”

Liz & Graham A.

"Watching Tracy in the kitchen, it is clear she has mastered “Sprezzatura", the art of performing a difficult task so gracefully that it looks effortless. Everything that Tracy does from harvesting, to cooking, to teaching is done with ease and a smile. Not only did we learn a tremendous amount about Farm to Table, we were able to share in her delight of every step of the process.”

Kate B.