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Vegetables. Fruits. herbs. Prepared Foods.

Creators of Food

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About us

We are a certified organic farm, growing a variety of vegetables, some fruits, a wide collection of herbs, and cut flowers. We are one of few organic farms in the Litchfield Hills and one of even fewer who offer the diversity of vegetables and herbs that we do. Our organic produce is sold directly to the consumer via our Vegetable Subscriptions and Farmer's Markets and sold wholesale to neighborhood restaurants committed to local sourcing. We also use what we grow in a large assortment of value-added products, like pickles, hot sauces, salsas, herbal teas, and more. The kitchen at Husky Meadows is always churning out baked goods and prepared foods, from our classics like Cranberry-Pistachio Biscotti to seasonal treats, like Black Walnut Maple Tassies. There are six honeybee hives on our farm as well, and we enjoy helping the bees with their nectar scavenging, while they help us with our honey fix! 

The Farm is only open to the public for special events, like our Farm Workshops and Pick-your-own activities. Sign up for our newsletter to stay in the loop!


Special Offerings


Vegetables, Flowers, and Baked Goods.

Specialty Food Hampers

As gifts for friends or as tide-me-overs for your visit to the city.


farming for the soul


Our Mission

Farming is a culmination of laboring in the elements, using all the senses to learn from nature, understanding the limits of human ability in the face of mother nature, and improvising and innovating. On our farm, we grow delicious, nutrient dense produce in the icebox micro-climate of Norfolk, Conn. We are committed to strengthening the community food culture of our little corner of New England. We sell our produce through CSA subscriptions, at the Norfolk and Winsted Farmers Markets and offer our valued added products at the Berkshire Country Store and to those further afield with our gift hampers.